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Current Issues in Dark Tourism Research is the premier Subject Resource Hub for 'dark tourism' scholarship. We offer contemporary research in dark tourism and heritage studies.

We have the latest dark tourism research by leading scholars and experts that can assist students and researchers in their own studies.

Current Issues in Dark Tourism Research is an online journal platform. We offer affordable academic research articles from an independent 'publishing house'. Our Editor is Dr Philip Stone.


All our authors are published academics or industry heritage experts and are internationally recognized in their respective research fields.  

"Dark tourism is travel to visitor sites associated with death, disaster or difficult heritage".

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Journal Articles


We take traditional publishers out of the academic publishing process. We publish online journal-style articles, case studies and commentaries.

Rigorous Research


We provide ethical and methodically rigorous research into the social scientific understanding of 'dark tourism' and difficult heritage.



We provide thought-leadership in dark tourism scholarship and offer a leading online platform to disseminate dark tourism research. 


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