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International Journal
of Dark Tourism Studies

About Us Anchor

    About Us    

The International Journal of Dark Tourism Studies is the first-ever and only academic journal for 'dark tourism' scholarship. We seek to critically examine all aspects of dark tourism and difficult heritage. We publish the latest dark tourism research by new and emerging academics, as well as internationally recognized scholars. 

The International Journal of Dark Tourism Studies is an online academic journal platform. We offer affordable publications and research from an independent publishing house. Our Editor-in-Chief is Dr Philip R. Stone. Our 'Fair Deal for Academic Authors' offers royalties for our authors, whilst giving our readers accessible scholarship. 

'Dark tourism is travel to sites associated with
death, disaster or difficult heritage within visitor
Our Aims Anchor

    Our Aims    

Fairness for Authors


We think the current academic publishing industry treats scholars unfairly. Our 'Fair Deal for Academic Authors' addresses that unfairness. We reward our authors for their professional scholarship through a dedicated royalty payment scheme.

Recognition for Reviewers


Peer review is the bedrock of academic publishing. Yet, reviewers often do not get paid for their professional services. We recognize our valued reviewers by paying in-kind. We provide our reviewers free and full access to all our journal articles for professional research.

Value for Readers


We offer thought-leadership in dark tourism scholarship and provide a world-leading online platform to disseminate dark tourism research. Affordable, accessible and student-centric research is what we do. Our articles will never cost no more than an average pint of UK beer!

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